AGM-65 Maverick

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AGM-65 Maverick

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AGM-65 Maverick
Maverick is a precision air-to-ground missile that has multiple warhead and seeker variants and is used against moving or stationary small or hard targets; armored vehicles; surface-to-air missile sites; and high-value targets such as ships, port facilities and communications centers. The missile has launch-and-leave capability that enables a pilot to fire it and immediately take evasive action or attack another target as the missile guides to the target.

The warhead is either a 125 lbs. Shaped Charge Jet and Blast (A, B, D,H) or a 300 lbs. Penetrator/Blast-Frag (E, F,G,K) an explosive charge of 86 lbs Comp B / 80 lbs PBX(AF)-108. The missile’s autonomous guidance systems give aircrews launch-and-leave capability at a wide range of distances and speeds. Because of its accuracy and lethal warhead, Maverick provides a high single-pass kill probability. Mavericks can be fired from a number of aircraft against a variety of targets such as field fortifications, bunkers, hangarettes, tanks, armored personnel carriers, parked aircraft, radar or missile sites, port facilities, and ships, including high-speed patrol craft.

First employed in Southeast Asia, Maverick is the most widely used precision-guided missile in the world. Maverick has been upgraded to meet evolving threats, playing a key role in recent conflicts. The weapon's seeker technology has improved significantly since the initial television-guided version was delivered to the Air Force in 1972. Increased capabilities were added with the introduction of scene magnification optics; modern charge-coupled-device television technology; and improved software, infrared and laser seekers.

The AGM-65 Maverick is a tactical, air-to-surface guided missile designed for close air support, interdiction and defense suppression mission. It provides stand-off capability and high probability of strike against a wide range of tactical targets, including armor, air defenses, ships, transportation equipment and fuel storage facilities. Maverick was used during Operation Desert Storm and, according to the Air Force, hit 85 percent of its targets.

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